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M. Norris & Sons brings over 40 years of experience with professional hand-crafted designs, layouts, fonts, scrolls, and striping in the tradition of the artists of American LaFrance, Seagrave, Maxim, Mack, Young and all the great builders of fire apparatus.

Our company has evolved from its origins as a gold leaf letterer and decorator for the fire service founded on Long Island in 1973. Decorating fire apparatus in gold leaf has a history as long as the service itself. In recent history, more fire apparatus and ambulances are being decorated with less gold leaf and more reflective materials to become more visible.

Our company has expanded to provide graphics for law enforcement as well. The business has not only expanded locally but our service area began to grow outside our immediate region as a result. Our graphics are used across the United States.

We are the experts in designing and installing graphics for the public service industry. Our highly experienced staff, some of which are current firefighters, are committed to producing quality products and providing a high standard of service. We use 3M products to ensure the highest quality vehicle graphics. The designers we have on staff can match or completely redesign your existing graphics. This sets us apart from our competition.

The gold leaf graphics we produce have old world traditions but are produced using modern technology. It is not a foil, but rather, hand-gilded 23k gold. There is no longer a need to varnish and no maintenance. Installation of these vehicles takes less time than it did twenty years ago. And because we are using modern technology to produce the graphics, we can easily reproduce your graphics exactly, in the case of an accident.

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