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Know The Facts
  • Real Goldleaf lettering costs about the same as the imitation gold foils.
  • Real Gold Leaf lettering lasts longer. Over time, the imitation gold foils may change color, no longer looking like gold. Imitation gold foil may also lose its shine. Real Gold Leaf will stay just as bright and vibrant as the day when it was first installed.
  • We know fire apparatus vendors may pressure you to have the apparatus striped and decorated in the factory. They may even tell you it must be done in the factory. Your graphics do not need to be done in the factory.
  • It is in your best interest to have your new apparatus decorated by a professional. A professional fire apparatus decorator knows fire trucks and understands the history of fire truck decorating.
  • If ever there is an issue, like in the case your apparatus is in an accident (we hope no one was hurt), we keep your graphics on file and we can easily reproduce it in a short time.
  • We warranty everything on your apparatus. From our 23k Gold Leaf to our 3M Reflective Material, your graphics are warrantied for 5 years from defects. Will the factory say that?
  • How soon should you order your graphics? As soon as you sign the contract with the manufacturer, and you have your finalized drawing is the time to order your graphics. Your apparatus may be months away from completion, but we can begin the design work needed to get your graphics into production.
  • Once you approve your graphics for your new apparatus, and we know when we will be receiving the apparatus, we will schedule production and installation of your graphics.
  • When your apparatus is available to be decorated, we should have everything ready. Once we have your apparatus,  we will begin installing your graphics. The average time to decorate apparatus is a few days to about a week. We will work around your schedule to get it done.

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